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What a Jump!

Kithinji Boore, Triple Jump’s senior advisor for Africa, helps microfinance institutions jump to their next level. And with great success!

Kithinji started working as a credit officer in microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Kenya in the mid-1990s, ‘when loan disbursement and repayments were delayed for weeks during the wet seasons; when it took clients an entire day to travel to the nearest bank to withdraw their cash; when we used to report to work every last Saturday and Sunday of the month to manually work out group reconciliations and portfolio quality; when we used to carry loads of cash for disbursements and repayments; when, when, when …. we have really come so far!’

In his current job, Kithinji is fascinated by Triple Jump Advisory Services customised technical assistance to MFIs, ‘especially in the field of management information systems, which enable reports to be produced with just a click of a button. In this regard, from 2008, SMEP Deposit Taking Microfinance Limited in Kenya has been supported by Triple Jump Advisory Services in upgrading their core banking system and developing a Mobile Money Transfer platform through the Safaricom’s Mpesa money remittances mobile app. The support came in handy while preparing SMEP to increase outreach to clients and in meeting the strict reporting requirements of the Central Bank of Kenya, culminating in the licensing of SMEP as a deposit taking MFI. What a jump!’