Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Lean Data Management for MFIs

Triple Jump has joined forces with D-Lab of MIT and The Fletcher School of Tuft University to improve the data management of MFIs. MFIs have an enormous wealth of data that is gathered during the credit underwriting process and this information is not being used to its full extent. The project will be focused on improving the use of this data in three key areas of a business model of an MFI: Product Development, Risk Management and Social Performance Management. It will do so by applying the principles of the Lean Research Initiative:

  1. Right-sized: the sample and method of the data collection are perfectly suited to the objectives of the data management process
  2. Relevant: The information generated from the data management process must be able to drive changes in policy or practice of the MFI
  3. Respectful, even delightful: maximize the experience of the end client of the MFI to get better, more accurate data
  4. Rigorous: the data management process must have protocol

In order to put the lean approach to work in practice, teams from D-Lab/Fletcher will work with Fundeser (Nicaragua), Crezcamos (Colombia) and Cidre (Bolivia) on scrutinizing their current approach to data management and come up with concrete suggestions for improvements. Subsequently, IT consultants will support the implementation of the recommendations.

We expect to develop practical tools and invaluable information for the entire microfinance sector. In particular, we want to show MFIs how to use collected data to a fuller extent, resulting in significant improvements of their business model and consequently, increased financial and social results.