Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Visit to the Mexico Regional Office

In the first week of September, I visited our regional office in Mexico in order to get further insight into the work of our colleagues in the field. What does a typical day or week of an investment officer look like, either in the office or when travelling around? I was fortunate to experience both as I was able to spend two days in the Mexico office followed by joining investment officer (IO) Luis Gabriel on a due diligence in El Salvador.

We travelled to San Miguel and visited a potential client for the MicroBuild Fund, AMC (Sociedad Cooperativa de Ahorro y Microcrédito de RL de CV). As this fund focuses on housing loans, Habitat for Humanity was also involved in assisting the MFI with technical assistance in order to develop and improve their microfinance housing product.

When I arrived to AMC, the team had already spent 1.5 days interviewing several employees. The next day it was time to visit one of the branches and a few end clients. We joined loan officer Javier Gonzalez to a small town called Guatajiagua and interviewed three entrepreneurs. Hilda purchases the clay bodies of pots and pans, puts them into a big oven to be processed as end products for selling. Mirna owns several cows for butter production, and together with her husband she has used the loan to add another floor in their house. One of the rooms is used as a little shop where she sells the butter as well as snacks and drinks. Our final visit was to Juan, a hammock maker, who showed all the improvements of his house supported by the housing loan.

Joining Luis Gabriel in the field definitely gave unique insight into the process of due diligence. When I found out that it concerned a potential client for the MicroBuild Fund, I was particularly excited as I am directly involved in the financial administration of this fund. Seeing Habitat’s involvement and getting to know more about their activities around the due diligence was very informative.

Kun Kho
Triple Jump Financial Administrator