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SuperReturn Conference in Amsterdam

Triple Jump, represented by the DGGF Investment and SC&BD teams, attended the SuperReturn Emerging Markets 2016 conference held in Amsterdam from June 27th to June 29th. The conference provided a platform for investors and fund managers to meet and exchange ideas. The conference explored various themes including the opportunities and pitfalls of investing in emerging and frontier markets, investors selection criteria and the operating challenges GPs are facing from recruiting local talent to incorporating ESG practices at the investee level.

The DGGF Investment team participated in two panels at the conference and explained the various aspects of the DGGF mandate.

Kristoffer Beer Urheim, Investment Manager at DGGF, was a member of the first panel on “Africa: Looking at new markets and selecting African GPs: what turns LPs Off?”, together with the German Development Bank DEG and a former representative of a large South African pension fund.
Recently, few new initiatives have come about specifically for SME financing in Africa as most fund managers are looking at investments into larger companies. DGGF highlighted the SME focus of the mandate and encouraged both Managers and institutional investors in the audience to launch new funds in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically outside the relatively more served hubs of Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. DGGF is particularly supportive of professional first time fund managers as they contribute to creating financial infrastructure.

The second panel focused on the framework investors use to identify opportunities and to formulate their allocations. Clemens Gerteiser, the Head of the DGGF Investment Team, was a participant, together with OPIC, the IFC and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The discussion centered around how investors assess risk, return and impact and in particular what markets are considered investable. With DGGF’s focus on underserved markets and recent investments in fragile states such as Ivory Coast, DR Congo and South Sudan, DGGF looks at reaching out to markets which often have only very limited allocations within the larger DFI community. DGGF also presented its unique allocation model, where the entire portfolio is divided into five blocks, each with its specific targets in terms of risk profile, financial return and social impact.

Throughout the three-day event, the DGGF team got the opportunity to meet with investee prospects, touch base with like-minded investors and contribute to the discussion by highlighting the complementary aspects of the DGGF mandate, e.g. strong SME focus, reaching to underserved geographies and supporting the buildup of financial infrastructure in emerging and frontier markets.