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#ClosingTheGap Senegal

On September 23rd 2016, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and business development support service providers from both the public and private sectors as well as international donors gathered around new perspectives on the Senegalese entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Workshop #ClosingTheGap Senegal
Welcomed at the Residence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Dakar, local stakeholders have had the pleasure to meet for a workshop as part of the #ClosingTheGap Senegal study. Senegal is the first country of a regional study covering francophone West Africa.

Senegalese Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
The workshop on September 23rd was the opportunity to present new perspectives on the Senegalese entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly a segmentation of the Senegalese SME sector. The segmentation captures for each sub-segment the characteristics of the enterprises and the barriers that hinder their growth. An overview of the current financial offer was presented to identify the differences between the financing needs of each sub-segment and the financial instruments that are currently available to them.