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Triple Jump Celebrates 10 years of Inclusive Finance

The Triple Jump 10 year investor event hosted in Artis – the Amsterdam Zoo – marked the company highlights of the last decade. To read more in-depth about this event, click here.

Personally, I find it quite special that Triple Jump is now celebrating its 10th anniversary, as the organization started out with only four people and one mandate in 2006, and has grown to a professional, dedicated and socially engaged investment manager. We were founded with the ambition to reduce inequality by offering access to finance in developing countries. If you look at all the challenges that come along with globalization, which were so well described by professor Ian Goldin in his keynote speech, the call to address inequality seems more important than ever. Professor Goldin also stated that “the chances of getting out of poverty are now bigger than ever” and stressed the need to continue efforts to ensure (financial) inclusion.

Access to finance, in boom and bust scenario’s, was further addressed by the panel that consisted of a diverse group of field experts, which included an MFI, a Fund Manager, an SME and a Triple Jump representative. They all shared their insights in a personal and inspiring way, helped by the excellent moderator Valerie D’ Costa who paved the way for a lively and smooth discussion. We ended the event with drinks, with a view of the beautiful pink flamingos at Artis, standing in front of a row of mirrors. Apparently flamingos do this to feel more secure because they feel more powerful in numbers. I wish all solutions were as simple as that.

In short: 10 years. Reducing inequality by offering access to finance. Together with great partners. We have much to celebrate! We will actively participate in more events in the coming months, and we are happy to share that we are a sponsor of the European Microfinance Week and the GIIN investor forum later this year. We hope to see you there, and keep the exchange of ideas going!

Happy readings,
Claudia Vroom
Manager Investor Relations and Business Development