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Kashf Foundation Receives 7th European Microfinance Award “Microfinance and Access to Education”

This year, the Kashf Foundation was awarded the European Microfinance Award by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in recognition of its credit facilities to low-cost private schools. The Kashf Foundation is an investee of Triple Jump’s Innovation Fund.

The 2016 award honored a microfinance institution that established innovative solutions to enable access to education and professional training for young people and adults and, as a result, stimulate the creation of economic activities.
img_20160413_123044In Pakistan, millions of children are not in school, and low-cost private schools lack proper facilities and equipment to ensure high quality education. The Kashf Foundation not only provides simple loans to private school, but also offers training for staff and courses in school management. In addition to fostering education and improving the schools themselves, the foundation makes both a positive social and economic impact on low-income families and the surrounding community as a whole.

We congratulate Kashf Foundation on this award and are pleased to see that with the continued support of inclusive finance, we contribute to creating a brighter future for people around the world.