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Moving Forward in 2017

Last year, Triple Jump celebrated its 10 year anniversary. We are very proud that within these 10 years we have been able to transform from an organization of a few people with a small portfolio under management, to a professional, socially-oriented fund manager with more than 70 staff members around the world. Triple Jump started out with only one fund mandate for microfinance, and today we manage a far more diversified number of funds, including microfinance, housing finance and SME finance. With dedicated teams in both our headquarters in Amsterdam and our regional offices, we have become an active stakeholder in the ecosystem of inclusive finance and gained a great deal of insight on many relevant developments of the sector.

Now it’s time to look ahead. We are confident that the organization is ready for the next 10 years and for new challenges that may lie ahead. The markets of inclusive finance are constantly changing and developing in a rapid pace and so will we as an organization. We need to develop and manage new products to keep on catering to the changing needs of our investors and investees. We will stay alert of changing political and economic landscapes which can bring new challenges to the sector, and how this will effect vulnerable populations in emerging markets.

Furthermore, it is no secret that the increase in welfare has brought forward an equally pressing challenge: to mitigate the further tightening of the shackles of nature. Climate change and environmental degradation are undermining the progress achieved, and poor people suffer the most. In terms of outlook for Triple Jump, this will be one of our focus areas in the next 10 years and going forward you can expect stronger efforts from our end to mobilize and allocate funds to combat the effect of climate change to complement to our existing activities.

We will remain keen on bringing our investors the most impactful investments, both from a social and financial perspective. To do this we will remain close to our markets, listen to our investors and investees, and dedicate resources to be on top of new developments in the field of inclusive finance.
Happy readings,

Eelco Mol
Head of Debt Investments