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Dutch Good Growth Fund: Action-Oriented Research

The GIIN Investment Forum 2016 held in Amsterdam in December 2016 was an opportunity to make the case for small cap SME mezzanine finance, an appropriate model to serve moderate growth companies in need of risk capital below USD 2M and business development support, as uncovered by the DGGF commissioned study: “New perspectives on financing small cap SMEs in emerging markets: the case for mezzanine finance.”

The discussion between Marnix Mulder (Head of TJ Advisory Services) and Mark Paper (COO of mezzanine finance provider Business Partner International), facilitated by Harry Hummels (from the Maastricht University) resulted in a call for action towards 1) sharing experiences in a transparent way to set market conform expectations (including return expectations); 2) improving products, models, efficiencies; and 3) supporting the emergence of new practitioners by pooling resources from different investors.

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