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First Ecosystem Development Support in West Africa

DGGF’s Seed Capital and Business Development (SCBD) facility is supporting the expansion of a regional network of Impact Hubs in francophone West Africa. Suguba (which means big marketplace in Mande, a group of local languages spoken across the region) aims to support young entrepreneurs in Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

Francophone West Africa is not scarce of dynamic young entrepreneurs eager to develop sustainable and scalable businesses. However, they often lack the required business knowledge, experience and skills to do so.

Given the limited offer of business development services in the region, Suguba which is already operational via Impact Hub Bamako, aims to address this gap by providing young entrepreneurs with quality co-working space, acceleration and incubation services at an affordable price. Through its service offering, Suguba aims to empower local young entrepreneurs while connecting stakeholders locally and across borders towards more conducive entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region.

The support provided by the Triple Jump team through the SCBD facility shall enable the emergence of a sustainable network that will provide opportunities for local young entrepreneurs to start and grow scalable enterprises.