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SCBD Supports Angel Investing Networks in Bangladesh and Indonesia

Since 2015, DGGF is a limited partner in the Aavishkaar Frontier Fund, a regional fund investing in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The Seed Capital and Business Development Facility (SCBD) of the DGGF is supporting Aavishkaar to contribute to the early stage ecosystem in two of these countries by launching angel networks in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

In the early stage SME space, there is a clear need for bespoke financial and non-financial support to help companies successfully navigate the first tumultuous years. The relatively small financial needs of some companies (<$500K tickets), combined with the need for significant non-financial support, make early stage SMEs a difficult target to address with traditional finance. Angel investors can play a key role in this segment, by providing adequately small tickets, using flexible instruments and offering their own entrepreneurial knowledge and experience to guide early stage companies.

To activate and enable more angel investors to serve this segment, Aavishkaar will be launching angel networks in Bangladesh and Indonesia. In August and September 2017, the first angel workshops were held in Bangladesh and Indonesia, respectively. These workshop are designed to generate more interest, knowledge and network among angel investors and start-ups about the opportunities and challenges in angel investing. By early 2018, Aavishkaar will hold the official launch of the angel networks in cooperation with local partners. By 2020, we hope to see two fully operational networks making 5+ deals per year.