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MicroBuild Fund Celebrates 5 Years

This year the MicroBuild Fund celebrated its 5 year anniversary. To mark the occasion, Habitat for Humanity hosted a two-day event in October in Washington D.C. The event covered a wide range of topics, including specific meetings on evaluating the performance of the fund during the first five years, to broader discussions on the global state of housing microfinance. The first day of the event consisted of closed door meetings including Habitat for Humanity and Triple Jump senior staff, the MicroBuild board of directors and investment committee, influential Habitat for Humanity donors, and two CEOs of MicroBuild Fund’s investee companies. The second day of the event included a public event, including over 60 impact investing professionals, focusing on MicroBuild Fund’s achievements and how it related to the global state of housing microfinance and the challenges and opportunities the sector faces moving forward.

Broadly, the fund has been viewed as a success. Overall, the fund has met or exceeded its 5 year targets, including placing to date over USD 74M in loan capital. It has also had reasonable success in spurring other investors to get involved in the housing microfinance space. The fact that MicroBuild has paved the way for other initiatives in the sector has directly contributed to one of the fund’s goals, which is to demonstrate the commercial viability of a housing microfinance fund. Also speaking at the event was David Bohigian, Executive Vice President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a key investor in the MicroBuild Fund. Mr. Bohigian spoke of his organization’s overall continuing commitment to global development finance and his satisfaction with the achievements of the MicroBuild Fund.

Not only did the event allow for reflection on the successes of the first years of the MicroBuild Fund, but considerable time was also spent on determining how to assure greater impact and success in the remaining years of the fund, and also about where the impact investing sector can go beyond MicroBuild Fund, in order to further expand affordable housing finance for low income communities across the globe.

Happy Readings,

Todd Mason

Regional Manager Asia Pacific