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Young Entrepreneurs Empowered in West Africa

A new wave of young entrepreneurs are getting upskilled from Dakar to Lomé, and Cotonou.

The first three organizations supported through Triple Jump’s DGGF/SC&BD incubation ecosystem support programme have each selected a new cohort of young entrepreneurs to back in their respective growth paths.

Through structured programs comprising training, mentoring and networking activities, EtriLabs in Benin, Innov’Up in Togo and Suguba in Senegal, are providing young local entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, competences and networks they need to succeed.

In Togo, young women entrepreneurs are guided from the validation of their business idea to the formalization of their enterprise with a defined business model, clearly identified customer base and sound financial management system. While in Benin, local startups with demonstrated traction on the market are gaining the skills required to grow professional and scalable businesses.

As outlined in DGGF-commissioned #ClosingTheGap francophone West Africa, despite some recent dynamism, entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region remain scarce of service providers dedicated to the startup and growth of local businesses. The support provided by DGGF enables local organizations to offer locally attuned and relevant services to young entrepreneurs.