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Advans Banque Congo

Triple Jump, through the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF), is about to enter into a loan facility up to USD 5M with Advans Banque Congo for a four year period. Advans is a commercial bank that specializes in lending to micro-enterprises and SMEs (mostly lower end) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In 2008, Advans was established as a bank by the Advans network, a French microfinance operator and investment company. The institution operates through 10 branches of which four are located in the rural areas of the DRC. Advans serves over 9,000 clients and has a total loan portfolio of EUR 35M, of which 60% is in the SME segment. Through the investment in Advans , DGGF will support the bank to expand its SME portfolio, in a highly underserved market. Currently, Advans  is one of the few players with a wide outreach to lower end SMEs and the bank is looking to expand to rural areas, which are even more underserved.

The economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been tumultuous over the past few years with the significant currency depreciations in 2016 hampering growth. In addition, the elections due to take place in 2016 were delayed twice and are now scheduled for December 2018. The DGGF loan comes at a critical time for Advans, as significant political uncertainty has created hesitance from other funders to invest. The loan is expected to finance 170 SMEs and support over 1,000 jobs.