Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Expanding Myanmar’s Early Stage Investing Landscape

Through the DGGF Seed Capital & Business Development facility, Triple Jump anchors the debut of Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs (EME), an early stage investment firm that incubates and invests in technology-driven start-ups in Myanmar. EME targets start-ups that innovate scalable solutions, with preference towards those that serve the rural market. Equipped to engage with start-ups from their infancy through various stages of growth, EME aims to bring companies to the next level and expand the pool of investable companies within the local ecosystem.

Access to capital is but one obstacle to a start-ups survival. EME complements capital with intensive business support to help companies build a solid foundation. By leveraging its vast network and footing in Yangon, EME offers strategic partnerships alongside contextual mentoring and training to catalyse growth for its portfolio companies and reduce their cost to scale.

Structured as a permanent capital vehicle, EME approaches early stage investing with a long-term outlook, offering patient and several rounds of follow-on capital. This enables portfolio companies to focus on growth rather than fundraising and can improve returns for EME’s investors as exits are not time-pressured.
EME invests between USD 50K to 150K initially plus up to 2 follow-on rounds, primarily within education, agriculture, healthcare, logistics and e-commerce sectors.

The SCBD facility has committed USD 1M to a corpus of nearly USD 3M, which will enable EME to build an initial portfolio of investments and pipeline ready to attract additional capital in the coming years.