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About Us

Serving as a bridge between capital markets in the West and financial sectors in emerging markets, we improve access to appropriate financial services for entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. By providing capital and advisory services, we support the expansion of viable financial service providers in all stages of development. Thanks to our network of regional offices and a large team of experts with strong portfolio management skills, we are able to stay close to our investees. Due to the fact that we intensively promote social performance management, our investors receive both strong social returns and good financial returns on their investments with Triple Jump.


Triple Jump at a glance


History, Mission and Vision

After spinning off from Oxfam Novib in 2006, Triple Jump B.V. was created. Since its inception, Triple Jump has grown significantly, and currently manages five investment funds. Depending on the mandate these funds can invest in debt, equity and funds. In addition Triple Jump also provides advisory services, mainly to its investees. Triple Jump’s vision is to invest in entrepreneurship that will unlock the potential to overcome global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Our mission is to go where investing capital empowers people and improves lives.

Investment Pillars

Triple Jump focuses on five main investment pillars: microfinance, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), housing, sustainable energy and agricultural finance. In 2019, we have added an additional area of focus to finance and support access to energy in emerging markets.

Our focus on these areas support our goal to help create a more responsible and inclusive financial sector, as well as enable our evolution into a full service impact investment manager in emerging markets.

Advisory Services

Building and scaling inclusive and impactful financial markets requires more than capital. Triple Jump actively supports the development and scaling of inclusive financial markets – markets that contribute to solving societal challenges of today – poverty, inequality and climate change. Through our market development services we support innovative finance initiatives, provide capacity building services to our portfolio companies and strengthen the broader ecosystem. We currently operate via two distinct mandates.

The Seed Capital & Business Development Program aims to further the impact of the Dutch Good Growth Fund.

Triple Jump Advisory Services supports investees in the field of financial inclusion. Read More.

ESG & Impact

As an impact fund manager, Triple Jump is committed to generating positive social and environmental outcomes through its investment activities, while at the same time mitigating unintended negative impacts that may arise. Pursuing these two goals constitute our Responsible Investment (RI) approach, the commitment to which is described in our RI policy. Our approach, which is directly aligned with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), is integrated throughout the entire investment process. It begins at pipeline development, involves numerous teams, and continues throughout the entire investment lifecycle. More


The Triple Jump head office and more than half of our staff are located in Amsterdam. Globally, the team consists of more than 70 professionals with ample field experience and in-depth financial knowledge. Our advisory services staff works in partnership with the investment team, which is organized along regional lines, with offices in Lima, Mexico City, Tbilisi, Bangkok, Nairobi and Amsterdam.

To better serve micro and small & medium sized enterprises and to be closer to our portfolio companies, we are in the continuous process of strengthening our presence in the regions. This helps us to stay on top of market tendencies and opportunities in those areas.

Current Vacancies

Our Team

Our team includes 80+ professionals with ample field experience and in-depth financial knowledge. Their ambition is to make the world a better place to live in for excluded segments of society. Our fund management teams and our advisory team are present in all the regions. Our investment officers are based at our head office in Amsterdam, as well as our regional offices in Nairobi, Bangkok, Lima, Mexico City and Tbilisi. Support functions, including Finance & Control, Portfolio Management & Risk, HR, PR and IT, are Amsterdam-based. Our continuous growth demands that we remain on the constant lookout for new and qualified staff.

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