Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Corporate Governance

Triple Jump BV is a private company with limited liability, under supervision of the Dutch Authority Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 34248256. Triple Jump is a company limited by shares (VAT number: 8157.74.928 B01). Triple Jump’s four founders are: Oxfam Novib, ASN Bank, NOTS foundation and its Management Board. Our work is guided by a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. Our Advisory Services -the Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundation- operates under the Triple Jump umbrella and has been granted an ANBI status under Dutch law. This means that all donations to the Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundation are tax-exempt.

Corporate Governance and Supervision

In accordance with the principles of good governance, Triple Jump has an external board which meets at least four times per year, but has exchanges with the management team on a more frequent basis. The Board Members are appointed by the Shareholders, and each Board Member has a strong expertise in the areas of development, finance and/or entrepreneurship. The Board Members are strong advocates of Triple Jump’s double objective of social and financial returns. In June 2015, Triple Jump received news from AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) that they had been granted the license as Manager of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFMD license). In addition to its current investment management services, this allows Triple Jump to act as manager of alternative investment funds targeted to professional investors. For the AFM register, click here.

Triple Jump is (delegated) fund manager of several investment funds, all of them non-listed. In this role, Triple Jump finds it important to adhere to the Principles of Fund Governance as published by the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association. We have established our own fund governance policy in order to assure sound operations and the duty to care. Triple Jump has a remuneration policy in place that is consistent with its strategy and does not encourage risk-taking. The fixed and variable parts of the salary are appropriately balanced. The variable part is determined in a comprehensive way and is based on the obtainment of corporate and team targets. Please read about our Remuneration policy here. Triple Jump has a Complaint Handling Policy and procedure in place to ensure adequate and prompt follow-up on any complaint from investors.

If you wish to read Triple Jump’s Fund Governance policies, please send an email with your request to [email protected]

Please click here to see our updated (2021) Organisational Structure chart.


Triple Jump takes all reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of interest, find the Conflict of Interest policy here. Where such conflicts cannot be avoided, Triple Jump will identify, manage and monitor, and where applicable, disclose, those conflicts of interest in order to prevent them from adversely affecting the interests of the investment funds and their investors. Moreover, Triple Jump has procedures in place to deal with conflicts of interest if they arise to ensure fair treatment of the investment funds and investors involved.

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Triple Jump is a private company limited by shares which has four owners: Oxfam Novib, the ASN Bank, NOTS foundation and its Management Board. Oxfam Novib established Triple Jump as a continuation of its own programmes in support of microfinance.
Oxfam Novib aims for sustainable development by supporting initiatives of poor people in developing countries by giving them a voice. ASN Bank a former Dutch ethical bank (now a trade name of the Volksbank N.V.) which aims to promote a sustainable society. NOTS believes that the efficiency of development aid can be increased by an entrepreneurial approach.

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

As a socially-conscious investment fund manager, Triple Jump is committed to working with our clients according to the highest possible standards of ethics and professional behavior. In other words, we believe that ethical behavior is good for our reputation and therefore good for our business. Our integrity is important to gain confidence and trust. Trust is the foundation upon which all business transactions are conducted. For this reason, Triple Jump has adopted a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, which guide the work of our staff and management in all of its operations, on a daily basis. The Code is based on CFA® Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, which is widely regarded as the global standard in the investment management industry. Click here to read more about our Code of Ethics.

Service Organization Control Report Type II under ISAE 3402. KPMG has reported on Triple Jump’s description of control measures, on the design and the effectiveness of controls according to Dutch law, including Standard 3402.