Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Providing advisory services and technical assistance to financial intermediates is part of our continuous effort to further develop the inclusive finance sector, by improving existing services and reaching out to unserved or underserved segments. Our advisors have served over 90 financial intermediaries that collectively serve more than 2.5 million clients in Latin America, Africa and the Caucasus. Our focus is on new and innovative financial products & services, risk management and social performance management, with the ultimate goal of better serving entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. More

To a Solid, Social and Innovative Sector

Triple Jump re-invests a portion of its earnings, through Triple Jump Advisory Services, in technical assistance projects for its investees, with the objective of contributing to a solid, social, and innovative microfinance sector. The core of our work consists of providing hands-on advisory services to financial intermediaries. Our expertise areas are clustered around three main topics: (1) Product/channel development, to help serve the underserved, like up-scaling MFI to the SME market and introducing branchless banking.  (2) Risk management, focusing on both financial and social risks. (This includes the strengthening of the foundations for solid risk management, like adequate governance and IT/MIS).  (3) Social performance management, with cost effective approaches to assess impact. More

Every Year Dozens of New Projects

In 2016, we focused on the transformation of our advisory services and managed 8 projects with 8 different financial intermediaries throughout Africa and Latin America.

The majority of the projects are in the field of product and channel development. We supported the green finance project of NpM, launched the interest rate study in Mexico, worked with several MFIs (Fundeser, Enlace, Credisol) in Latin America on product and channel improvement, finalized the first phase of the Lean Data Project and moved to the second phase (Crezcamos), and launched the first Village Savings and Loan Association project in Zambia. More

For further enquiries please reach out to Marnix Mulder, Head of Advisory Services at, or +31(20) 5120628

Stichting Triple Jump Advisory Services

The goal of Triple Jump Advisory Services is to contribute to a social and solid sector and help financial service providers to further the finance frontier by providing capacity building services on a cost-sharing basis.

The Management Board of Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundation hereby provides its financial statements for the book year 2015. The Management Board was formed by Mr. M.W. van Doesburgh, Mr. S.H.J. Evers and Mr. M.N. Mulder. The Supervisory Board of the Foundation consists of Mr. A.J. Engelsman (Chairman), Mr. G.E. Hartman and Mrs. E. van der Hulst.

Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundation, Amsterdam, aims to support, advise and guide the development of promising financial intermediary institutions in developing countries. Improving their performance contributes to increasing access to financial services for entrepreneurial poor globally. The capacity building projects are identified through a comprehensive capacity assessment of the institution.

As from 2013 the actual project management operations are run from Triple Jump B.V. No costs are charged to the foundation for this. The foundation itself does not have personnel employed. The funds received by Triple Jump Advisory Services Foundations are spent on direct capacity building project expenses.

The TJAS Management Board consists of Messrs. M.W. van Doesburgh (president), S.H.J. Evers (treasurer) and M.N. Mulder (secretary). The TJAS Management Board receives no remunerations.

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RSN number: 817115596

For further inquiries, please contact Marnix Mulder, Head of Advisory Services at Nachtwachtlaan 20 6th Floor, 1058EA Amsterdam, or +31(20) 5120628