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EMPRENDER Organizacion No Gubernamental

EMPRENDER (Programa de Apoyo para el Desarrollo de la Microempresa) is a microfinance Institute providing credit support to small enterprises in Bolivia. Its services include individual lending products and group lending products. EMPRENDER is operational in the three most densely populated provinces (La Paz, Cochabamba and, Santa Cruz) with the very poor in urban and semi-urban areas. In 1999 Emprender started as an NGO, as a private initiative of two individuals with experience in microfinance. In 2001 Emprender was split into two new entities; the NGO Emprender with two branch offices in La Paz and a private company Casa Amigo S.A. with thirteen franchised branch offices in the Eastern part of Bolivia (Santa Cruz). Emprender is a client of Triple Jump (debt funding) since 2010.

City: La paz
Country: Bolivia