Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Who We Work With

Our investees are both financial service providers and funds in developing regions of the world that serve our end-clients. Each fund under management has a specific target group, and different risks and return objectives. This diverse mix of funds allows Triple Jump to serve financial service providers (FSPs) throughout their entire life cycle.

We want to contribute to the sustainable development of emerging economies by facilitating investment in micro and small & medium sized enterprises. Accordingly, our funds under management support the expansion of viable financial intermediaries at all three stages of development (start-up, emerging and mature), through the providing of capital, and the offering of advisory services.

The financial intermediaries we support reach out to hundreds of thousands of micro and small & medium sized entrepreneurs in emerging markets and developing countries: entrepreneurs from the bottom of the pyramid. Most of them are women, living and working in rural areas. They get affordable small loans, sometimes not bigger than USD 100, which they wouldn’t usually get from the vested financial institutions in their areas. With these loans, the entrepreneurs manage to develop and grow their business and contribute to the sustainable development of emerging economies.