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In-house articles

MicroBuild Fund Celebrates 5 Years

This year the MicroBuild Fund celebrated its 5 year anniversary. To mark the occasion, Habitat for Humanity hosted a two-day event in October in Washington D.C. The… More

New DGGF Investments in 2017 Support Future Job Creation Across the Globe

In March 2017 the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended the DGGF budget for financing local SMEs from EUR 270 million to EUR 327,5 million. This represents… More

Triple Jump’s First Investment in China

In September, Triple Jump made its first investment in China by providing an EUR 8M loan facility to Grassland Finance Limited with the ASN Novib Microfinance Fund… More



Doeum Ratana: sells chicken meat at the Phsar Ang market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Thanks to a loan from First Finance PLC, one of Triple Jump’s portfolio companies, Doeum… More


Beth Wanjiku Waweru: is a succesfull business woman in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a small landlord and runs her own shop in Nakuru town. Thanks to loans from Kenya Women… More


David Solano: and his wife run a furniture store in San Juan de Miraflores in Lima, Peru. They sell furniture and mattresses. Thanks to loans from Edpyme Solidaridad, a… More

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