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When we have something newsworthy to share, we will publish individual news items. We don’t like to boast, but we do like to keep our audience informed when Triple Jump gets involved in a remarkable project, an informative publication, a revolutionary development, or an impressive financial service provider. To check out all our news items, click here.

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Expanding Myanmar’s Early Stage Investing Landscape

Through the DGGF Seed Capital & Business Development facility, Triple Jump anchors the debut of Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs (EME), an early stage investment firm that incubates and… More

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Supporting Entrepreneurs Across Guatemala

In 2017 Genesis became the first MFI investee of the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) track 2 in Guatemala. DGGF’s investment in Genesis has the aim of… More

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Renewable Energy and Triple Jump

For many years, Triple Jump has been an active supporter of the energy sector through its existing active mandates. In 2016 small-scale clean energy and in particular… More

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Triple Jump’s First Investment in Myanmar

Triple Jump, in a joint club loan with Norfund and DWM, signed its first transaction in Myanmar with Myanmar Finance International Limited (MFIL), from ASN Novib Microfinance… More

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Triple Jump Expands Collaboration with ACEP Burkina Faso

The Agence de Crédit pour l’Entreprise Privée (ACEP) network is one of the microfinance networks specialized in the creation of urban microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Sub-Saharan Africa.… More

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Young Entrepreneurs Empowered in West Africa

A new wave of young entrepreneurs are getting upskilled from Dakar to Lomé, and Cotonou. The first three organizations supported through Triple Jump’s DGGF/SC&BD incubation ecosystem support… More

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Financing Small Businesses in Sierra Leone

Triple Jump’s DGGF Seed Capital and Business Development (SCBD) facility is financing ACTB Savings & Loans Limited, one of the first and largest upscaling microfinance banks in… More

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Closing the Gap: Identifying Key Challenges for the Missing Middle SMEs in Francophone West Africa

When it comes to securing finance, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries tend to face many challenges. These enterprises which are considered too big for… More

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Expanding the SME finance offer across emerging markets and developing countries

With 13 new investments, DGGF track ‘Investment funds local SMEs’ saw a substantial increase of committed capital from EUR 97M in 2016 to EUR 181M in 2017.… More

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