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When we have something newsworthy to share, we will publish individual news items. We don’t like to boast, but we do like to keep our audience informed when Triple Jump gets involved in a remarkable project, an informative publication, a revolutionary development, or an impressive financial service provider. To check out all our news items, click here.

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MicroBuild Fund Celebrates 5 Years

This year the MicroBuild Fund celebrated its 5 year anniversary. To mark the occasion, Habitat for Humanity hosted a two-day event in October in Washington D.C. The… More

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New DGGF Investments in 2017 Support Future Job Creation Across the Globe

In March 2017 the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended the DGGF budget for financing local SMEs from EUR 270 million to EUR 327,5 million. This represents… More

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Triple Jump’s First Investment in China

In September, Triple Jump made its first investment in China by providing an EUR 8M loan facility to Grassland Finance Limited with the ASN Novib Microfinance Fund… More

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Building a Fintech Portfolio

After SMEcorner in India, the Seed Capital & Business Development (SCBD) Facility of Triple Jump has closed its second investment in the fintech space and is now… More

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The MicroCred Network in West Africa

The MicroCred network, which focuses on financial inclusion in emerging markets, is known for its entrepreneurial approach. Innovation and technology are at the core of the network’s… More

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Francophone West Africa

SCBD has completed the last local stakeholder consultations in francophone West Africa with a well-attended workshop hosted in Abidjan on July 19th. The findings will be part… More

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SCBD Supports Angel Investing Networks in Bangladesh and Indonesia

Since 2015, DGGF is a limited partner in the Aavishkaar Frontier Fund, a regional fund investing in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The Seed Capital and… More

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Fundenuse SA Receives Smart Campaign Certification

Fundenuse SA, a Triple Jump client since 2005, is a socially-oriented MFI founded in the northern community of Ocotal in Nicaragua. It has deep rural outreach where… More

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International Microfinance Seminar: Innovation and Technology in Financial Services

From June 15-17, Triple Jump Senior Investment Officer Daniel Naf participated in the Microfinance Seminar “Innovation and Technology in Financial Services for Inclusion” organised by the Peruvian… More

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