MicroBuild Fund

The MicroBuild Fund was established jointly by Triple Jump and Habitat for Humanity International’s (HFHI) Terwilliger Center in 2012 with an original fund size of $ 100m. As per EOY 2021, the fund stands at $ 70m and supplies debt capital specifically for housing solutions that financial intermediaries offer to their low-income end clients. HFHI is funding and rolling out a complementary technical assistance program to help these financial intermediaries develop and improve their housing products, and ultimately, serve end clients better. The main shareholders in the fund are HFHI, MetLife and the Omidyar Network. The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) provided $ 90m of debt capital to the fund.

Starting year


Type of investment


Development theme

Affordable Housing

Main investors and partners



Asia, Caucasus, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East

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2021 and impact highlights

As per the latest annual report, by June 2021, MicroBuild had cumulatively disbursed up to $184.1M. The fund continues to have a strong presence in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus. Presently, the MicroBuild Fund has progressed into a gradual wind-down phase making repayments to the DFC notes until final maturity of the fund in 2025. Given the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had in countries where MicroBuild is active, the fund has been focused on meeting its obligations and ensuring adequate performance. Both investees and clients proved very resilient as the largest part of maturing loans were successfully repaid.

The housing microfinance portfolio of the investee companies reached $1.122b and has directly served over 1 million individuals and 200,000 households. It also continues to have significant outreach to rural areas and women — 66% of borrowers were rural and 74% were women as of June 2021

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