Submit a Complaint


Your feedback is important to us.  Would you like to submit feedback, concerns or complaints in relation to an investment financed through Triple Jump?

Individuals, groups, communities and other stakeholders may submit their feedback, concerns or complaints to the following email:


Email: [email protected]


Although it is not mandatory, Triple Jump encourages you to include in your complaint:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The name of the Triple Jump Investee to which the report relates (for example, the name of the relevant company, fund, fund manager or financial institution)
  • Information regarding the misconduct or malpractice
  • Information regarding any harm caused by the alleged misconduct or malpractice, provided in as much detail as possible
  • Any documents that support the allegation of misconduct or malpractice
  • Information on any steps taken prior to submitting the report or complaint to address the alleged misconduct, malpractice or harm
  • Information regarding any redress or resolution sought
  • Any special request regarding confidentiality of the person or entity making the complaint


The complaints committee will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five business days and inform you about the complaint management procedure and next steps.

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