Responsible Investment Management and Advisory Services

Oxfam Novib Fund (ONF) was established in 1998 by Oxfam Novib to support high potential, high-impact microfinance institutions worldwide. ONF seeks out financial intermediaries that focus on underserved markets and target specific groups (rural communities, women borrowers, etc.). These institutions are often still young and small, but they have significant potential. On reaching a certain scale, the financial intermediaries have the potential to graduate or ‘jump’ to other investment funds with a more conservative risk profile.

  2014 2015 2016
Assets under management EUR 38M EUR 47M EUR 50M
Invested capital EUR 30M EUR 34M EUR 44M
Number of portfolio companies 60 49 51
Average exposure per portfolio company EUR 0.5M EUR 0.8M EUR 0.9M
Distribution by currency

EUR 10% USD 34% Local currency 56%

Portfolio outstanding by instrument

Loans 95% Subordinate loans 5%

Geographic distribution of Oxfam Novib Fund 2016