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The mandate was established in 1998 by Oxfam Novib to support high-potential, high-impact microfinance institutions worldwide. It is dedicated to enhancing resilience in response to the escalating effects of climate change. Oxfam Novib Fund (ONF) supports Microfinance institutions (MFIs) that focus on underserved markets and target specific groups: rural communities, small-scale agricultural producers and women borrowers.

Starting year


Type of investment

Debt, junior debt

Development theme

Financial Inclusion

Main investors and partners



Asia, Africa and Middle East, Caucasus, Latin America

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By the end of 2021, the mandate supported a total of 32 investees across 25 countries. The portfolio maintained its mission to finance financial intermediaries that focus on women or rural borrowers – Oxfam’s microfinance partner institutions reached over 300K direct beneficiaries, out of which 61% are rural entrepreneurs, and 74% are women.
The ON portfolio maintained a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East (40.6%). Additionally, it has robust exposure to Latin America (31%) and Asia (25%).

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