Akwaaba Feeds

Akwaaba Feeds is a Ghanaian feed manufacturing company set up in 2018 by two Ghanaian entrepreneurs. With rising temperatures and costs and periodic shortages of essential raw materials, the company found a replacement in maggot meal (insect protein from black soldier flies) to increase protein levels required in the poultry feed formulation.

After piloting and testing the concept, the company raised funding to scale up maggot meal production. By early 2022, the company had doubled its revenue and distributors and expanded its poultry farm by over 500%. Akwaaba Feeds aims to use circularity practices and combines all the waste from its feed production with other food waste to farm the maggots. Maggot production waste is then turned into compost and used for crop farming.

Akwaaba is supported by Wangara Green Ventures, a DGGF Seed Capital client focusing on greening SMEs in Ghana.

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