Jardin Azuayo

COAC Azuayo founded in 1996 is the second-largest cooperative in Ecuador. A business model based on close contact with its clients and dedicated credit products has enabled them to grow consistently over the years, having excellent brand recognition countrywide. Due to the increasing demand, the Coop extended its network through strategic partnerships with grocery stores to perform basic transactions like withdrawals linked to deposits. On the other hand, the support to its clients through housing loans has been an positive feature of the MFI, not only for the MFI’s interests to improve its client recognition, but also because it shows the commitment and mission of the Coop to improve the quality of life of its clients. In general, the Housing Microfinance portfolio contributes to over 30% of the cooperative’s overall portfolio, and remains as a key product to be featured and grown. The cooperative has received financing under the MicroBuild Fund and remains as an important client to be supported going forward.

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