Low-cost solution to breast cancer screening in India. Current breast cancer screening technologies in the market are expensive, uncomfortable, expose many patients to unnecessary radiation and rely heavily on trained technicians for accurate results. NIRAMAI (Non-Invasive Risk Assessment with Machine Learning) offers a solution to this dilemma. Its patented technology, Thermalytix©, is contact-free, enables early detection and is low-cost, painless and radiation-free. Using cutting-edge, machine learning-led analytics reduces the need for highly trained technicians, which lowers the cost of the service. This gives lower-income women greater access to breast cancer screening. The company has locations across urban and rural India and screens thousands of women. The more women are screened for breast cancer, the more the algorithm improves, increasing the accuracy of the results. Besides the screening facilities at its own locations, NIRAMAI’s technology is now available in dozens of diagnostic centers and hospitals across multiple Indian states.

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