Samunnati stands for inclusive growth & collective prosperity for all. Launched in November 2014, Samunnati is a specialized agri-value chain finance company with head office in Chennai, India. Samunnati aims to enhance the efficiency of agri value chains by providing Financial Intermediation, Market Linkages, Advisory and Trade Services. Samunnati works with a belief that for a value chain to work well, all the chain actors need to have access to markets, customized advisory services and appropriate financial services – thereby making the value chains operate at a higher equilibrium. Through value chain finance model, Samunnati is providing aordable and customized financial product oerings such as retail loans to small & marginal farmers, working capital loans to Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO) and receivable finance to Agri SMEs respectively. Two principle drivers of Samunnati are working with FPOs, representing the small and marginal farmers at the supply side and Agri Enterprises at the demand side. This unique integrated approach

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