Trung Son Care

Thanks to its early detection and containment strategy, Vietnam is considered to be a successful case in responding to COVID-19 worldwide. Trung Son Care, a leading pharmacy modern retail chain and portfolio company of Asia Business Builders (ABB) I, is the first point of contact for healthcare during COVID-19 for many people in the region with a presence of over 50 stores. Even though the stores remained open during the soft lockdown, allowing customers to come for advice and support, the online channel traffic doubled in the first five months of 2020, servicing customers with at-home delivery, which made Trung Son Care a the leader in online pharmaceutical services. The boost in online business is considered a positive outcome of responding to the crisis and is expected to benefit the company in the long term as customer behavior becomes increasingly accustomed to this new reality.

In addition, Trung Son Care made sure to implement policies swiftly to avoid the spread of COVID-19 when the virus emerged. Comprehensive temperature checks were put in place for its 220 employees and staff started carrying face masks. As a result, the company has not reported a single case of COVID-19 among its exposed staff or visiting customers.

DGGF invested in ABB I in 2018.

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