Podcast: Jarri Jung about the role of subordinated debt in MFI financing

In February our Director Financial Institutions, Jarri Jung, had a great conversation with host Guy Rodwell in a new episode of the podcast “Let’s Talk Microfinance”. Guy and Jarri discussed developments in the sector, the role of subordinated debt and exciting news on a subordinated debt fund Triple Jump has recently launched.

Jarri Jung, Director Financial Institutions, Triple Jump;” Events such as the COVID pandemic, and the high-inflationary environment we are currently in following the war in Ukraine, have a continuous impact on the communities and clients we serve. On a daily basis, the focus is usually only on swiftly responding to these developments. It is however good to once in a while take a step back and reflect on what is happening, which is what I enjoyed about the conversation with Guy. Shortly after the podcast was recorded, Triple Jump announced the launch of the Financial Inclusion Resilience Fund (FIRF), with which we will be providing FIs with subordinated debt, enabling them to continue creating positive in their communities.”


Key insights from the podcast episode

  • The health crisis has passed, but the high inflation and interest rate environment have replaced Covid as the main concern facing the industry.
  • Subordinated debt is a catalyst for growth: it strengthens the capital cushion of Microfinance institutions (MFIs), enabling them to take on more (senior) debt and grow their portfolios.
  • Subdebt is normally a carve-out of mainstream debt funds; Triple Jump’s dedicated subdebt fund is a unique proposition.

It’s worth listening to

The “Let’s Talk Micro Finance” podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. With its focus on practical insights and real-world examples, the podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the latest trends and best practices in microfinance.


> Listen to the episode with Jarri Jung


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