Triple Jump reaffirms its commitment to gender lens investing by joining the 2X Collaborative

We are very excited to announce that, as of today, Triple Jump is a member of the 2X Collaborative, a global industry body for gender lens investing which brings together a broad range of investors that promote investment practices that benefit women.

“We’re thrilled to be joining the 2X Collaborative to help mobilize more capital towards women economic empowerment and address the unique needs of women as customers, entrepreneurs and employees in our financial inclusion, SME finance, and access to energy sector activities.” Claudia Vroom, COO, Triple Jump

A strong business and impact case for gender lens investing 

When the 2X Challenge set out to mobilize $3B (2018-2020) to invest in the world’s women, they more than doubled their target. The response was so positive that the new target for 2021-2022 has gone up to $15B.

“Gender lens investing has gained significant traction in the global financial industry. Building on this momentum, the 2X Collaborative now brings together the full spectrum of investors in a global industry body to drive more volume and impact of capital towards women’s empowerment.” Jessica Espinoza, CEO, 2X Collaborative

It is no coincidence that gender lens investing has been gaining traction recently. Making investment decisions that benefit women can result in stronger businesses, long-term investment success, and drive progress toward achieving all other Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, as COVID-19 recovery plans start to be implemented, the impact investment sector is particularly well placed to advocate for and mobilize capital that helps build inclusive businesses.

Why we believe investing in women is crucial

There are several paths for impact investors and asset managers to address gender issues: 

  • Investing with the intent to address gender issues (by investing in women-owned or led enterprises, investing in businesses or services that substantially improve the lives of women and/or that promote workplace equity). 
  • Placing a focus on gender throughout the investment process, or developing strategies that look at how the mission, vision, financial resources, and reporting of investee companies reflect an overall commitment to gender equality.   

Since its early beginnings in 2006, Triple Jump sees gender equality as one of the core pillars of sustainable development. We recognize the societal, business, and investment benefits it brings. This is why all the mandates and funds we manage have a gender equality objective. However, we are also aware that it isn’t always a clear-cut path. We continue to take concrete steps to advance gender equality in our operations and in how we manage the funds entrusted to us. Through the investments Triple Jump makes to advance financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and access to energy, we endeavor to narrow the gap between genders and address the unique needs of women. Across mandates, Triple Jump has financed 1.8M women entrepreneurs and 3,213 women-led SMEs. Through our programs, we also facilitated knowledge transfer to 7,658 women-led enterprises (read our Annual Impact Report to learn more). 

Get in touch to learn more about how Triple Jump approaches gender lens investing, or learn more about the 2X Collaborative and what it has achieved so far. 

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