Triple Jump Signs the Operating Principles for Impact Management

In September 2019, Triple Jump became a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. Launched earlier this year by the International Finance Cooperation (IFC), the Principles are intended to be a framework for investors to design and implement their impact management systems, ensuring that impact considerations are integrated throughout the investment lifecycle.

As the impact investing industry attracts more attention and investor interest, an ever broader and more diverse group of institutions are joining the movement. This is great news as more capital is being mobilized to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. But to keep its momentum and live up to investor expectations over the long run, the sector must stay true to its name and avoid any dilution of the term “impact” in the marketplace.

This is where the principles come in. By outlining impact management best practices – from defining impact objectives to selecting investments, managing ESG and reporting on impact – the nine principles encourage greater discipline and transparency, safeguarding the high standards the impact investing sector was created upon.

Investing for impact has been Triple Jump’s focus since its start in 2006. From a top-down approach to selecting sectors that generate impact and measuring results post investments, our approach has evolved to active management of impact at the portfolio level and selecting individual investments based on their expected contribution to impact within our portfolio. As a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management we very much look forward to reporting annually on our alignment with the principles and to exchanging knowledge with fellow signatories to further advance our impact management approach.

Invest for Impact